Housing in Plymouth, MA: Then and Now

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pilgrims Housing in Plymouth, MA: Then and NowLast year, 360 Mortgage Group recognized Thanksgiving by creating a blog post that highlighted interesting facts about the holiday. In order to put a new spin on the celebration of Thanksgiving day, this year 360 is looking at what it was like to live in Plymouth during the first Thanksgiving and comparing the past housing standards to today.

The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621, shortly after pilgrims who had departed from Plymouth, England on the Mayflower settled on land in what we consider today to be Plymouth, Massachusetts.

In order to survive the harsh conditions of their first winter in the new country, the pilgrims built houses modeled after traditional English cottages. These cottages were structured with timber frames and were covered with wooden boards and straw roofs. Each home is estimated to have been about 800 square feet, roughly the size of a small apartment, and usually contained a second floor to be used as storage or a sleeping area.

The area of Plymouth was also inhabited by a number of Native Americans belonging to the Wampanoag tribe. These Native Americans lived in what was known as a “wetus,” or a home made of saplings, woven grass, and bark. Wampanoags’ homes were somewhat portable and while members of the tribe lived in cleared areas during the summer in order to tend to their crops, they usually moved their homes into wooded areas during the winter to protect themselves from the harsh elements.

Although Plymouth started out as a small 17th century village, today the area is a sizeable suburb less than an hour outside of Boston with a population of more than 56,000.

According to Trulia, the average listing for a home in Plymouth is currently $369,789, a 0.9 percent decrease from listing prices during the same time one year ago. At the same time, the median sales price for a home in Plymouth is $260,450, up 5.6 percent from the same time one year ago.

Upon exploring Zillow, we found a number of beautiful colonial style homes in Plymouth for significantly less than the average listing price, such as this three bedroom, two bathroom house currently for $168,900 or this four bedroom house for $239,900.

Where will you be spending the Thanksgiving season? Regardless of whether you’re traveling great distances or staying at home, we hope you enjoy time with those close to you in order to celebrate the things you are grateful for!

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